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Testimonials Below:


"I was introduced to BodyTalk by a friend of mine who could see that I was in dire need of help. I was having a lot of health issues and was almost unable to function normally. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Indu Aggarwal who slowly but surely helped me to recover from my physical and mental health problems. With my regular sessions of BodyTalk gradually I was able to deal with my panic attacks as well and am more or less back to normal. I would highly recommend BodyTalk as a holistic approach to health issues with no side effects at all. Thank you Indu for your help and patience."

S.V. India

"I am always amazed at what Indu can discern is happening in my body from what she picks up from my mind. It’s a bit spooky, actually, but in a good way. And both my mind and body thank her. "Dianne M. from California


From Sleep to Heal class:

  • After 3 years of fighting with sleep issues, with the information that I received from Indu, I am now able to sleep 7 - 8 hours each night.  Her information has caused me to create a new evening ritual, but that ritual has been a life-saver.  Thank you, Indu, for sharing with me all this information.  My mind and body thank you also!!”

        Patricia H. from Reno

From corporate Mindfulness classes 

  • During these stressful times of the Pandemic, Indu hosted a series of Mindfulness sessions for MetricStream employees. Her lessons were extremely well received by employees across multiple countries. Not only were the sessions well prepared, but they were customized to our audience, and she was able to quickly morph them as we went along. She has an amazingly calm personality that reflected through the sessions and worked really well in a virtual setting. She kept the audience engaged and yet meditate with an inward focus. I would highly recommend her sessions.

     Seema I: Metricstream HRM, California

  • The course offers some of the most profound lessons on the first steps towards spiritual journey. They are put forward in very simple words.Really loved the lessons on self care, difference between goal setting and intent, role of sympathy and empathy in relationships.The course was effortless and short, yet touched the core of the being. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to look within and experience life to the fullest.

          Dr. Mankul G. from India

  • Your classes have given me a precious thing. I was always jealous of my older sister and ------was always in competitive mode. Now it does not matter, I feel free!!!

         P.B.  from India

  • Indu Aggarwal’s Mindfulness Online course over 5 weeks has been one of the best courses I have attended. This course is recommended for everyone who is willing to go through changes within and is ready to take a plunge and experience what it means to be in the “Present Moment”. The Meditations were powerful and from the first session I was looking forward for more.An experience not to be missed. Thank you for your awesomeness Indu

          Homeira Ghanonogooi-Franke from Germany

  • This was an awesome, insightful conversation. Gives valuable insight on how we think and how we plan. Thanks Indu for the class!

          Vidya P from India

  • Your sessions have been consistently CALMING for me for the last 4 weeks.

         Jagdish A. from San Francisco

  • This is my first session and I am really impressed. Thanks for showing us a different perspective on our feelings and emotions.

         David H. from Germany

  • I am really glad to be part of all your sessions. I feel calmer and will remember the concept of ‘letting go’.

         Ashwini P from India

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