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 Mindful Leadership Training: Master class on becoming a real leader in life and at work

In just 8 weeks, you can rewire your brain, develop a mindful way of living navigating thoughts and emotions while developing a deep sense of calm in the midst of any storm.  You will get the clarity to manage relationships better and unravel your purpose of life.
Week 1: Definitions, techniques and how mindfulness works
Week 2: Why self care is the key to all changes and how to make it a regular part of life
Week 3: Origin of thought patterns and how to direct them
Week 4: Should you trust your emotions and what role they play at work and life
Week 5: Setting intention and improving focus at home and work
Week 6: Expanding spaciousness to reduce time stress forever
Week 7: How to improve relationships by using gratitude and kindness
Week 8: Integrating everything into a Mission statement and leading a purposeful life

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