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Break Free, claim your power

Beach Meditation
Do you feel that you are under the control of your repetitive patterns and can't break free? This class will give you tangible tools to not only recognize your hot buttons, your stressors but also give you tools to come from an authentic, loving place to connect differently with yourself, work, relations and life. 5 weeks can transform you, give you energy and free you to experience your best life!

Week 1: Creating Space and breaking free from the time pressure. Learn to be open to accept first, change later to create synchronization of mind-body and reduces stress

Week 2: Self-care and Heart connection is the key to our inner world. Why self-care is a priority even in a crisis. Benefits and methods of improving focus and connecting with your heart.


Week 3: Directing thoughts and emotions after understanding patterns and reasons. Recognize advantage of negative/positive thought patterns. Learn basics of emotional resilience.


Week 4: Focus and Intention
Setting attention and intention towards your goals. Learn the art of flowing with situations and people


Week 5: Authentic power and ultimate freedom
Focus on gratitude, empathy and kindness at work/home to improve relationships

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