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Unique Solutions for Your problems

I am a Silicon Valley veteran, mother of twins and I have recovered from modern life afflictions, YOU CAN TOO!!

I can help you go beyond your symptoms and into your natural powers of healing, creativity and life where you can be bigger than your stress. Sorry, can't promise that stressors will be eliminated. 

I believe that dis-ease occurs when mind gets overwhelmed and uses body as a way to manifest, to demand action from you.

Our symptoms are the 'cracks where light enters'

Solutions and options are there but we need to develop our mental muscles and raise our consciousness to break free. 


3 Ways to proceed:

-Personal coaching session

-Remote session based in BodyTalk system

-Take a group class

Testimonial: "I am always amazed at what Indu can discern is happening in my body from what she picks up from my mind. It’s a bit spooky, actually, but in a good way. And both my mind and body thank her. "Dianne M. from California

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National Best Seller


 "Break Free to Stand in Your Power"


Available now.

Unblock your energy, unlock your potential today

You deserve to live a full life,let me help you!

Check out services page for appointment

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