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“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” ―Terry Orlick


 First I made connections between dis-ease, pain and emotional patterns in my own life and then, learnt best ways to break free from them.  I want to bring you along, inspire you and include you in the mission to "Unblock your energy , unlock your potential. "

  • Fully qualified with a BS in medical science and double Masters in Engineering and English 

  • Certified in a unique consciousness healing modality, BodyTalk system since 2012 (Read FAQ)

  • Certified in teen MBSR and corporate mindfulness since 2014

  • International best selling author and speaker. For more details click here:

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My Story

 Life turns

I am fortunate to have the best of the East and West, born in India and living in California. I started on a medical career but became an English professor in India. After moving to Silicon Valley, I did Masters in engineering to be a technical leader. I had my share of stresses, managing career and family life with twins. All kinds of  health issues felt 'normal' but one day, I decided to claim power on my health.  My discoveries have led me to learn and teach mindfulness to the corporate world and learn a wonderful Energy Healing system: the BodyTalk system. Discover your unique path and be pain free!

Our symptoms are the 'cracks where light enters'

My issues started with back problems,  combined with  the Carpal Tunnel syndrome and became panic attacks. There was not a quick and elegant solution to these problems. I was also diagnosed with Glaucoma and needed regular care including surgeries. I had this nagging feeling that I need to search for a healing modality, not a quick fix. The last straw that literally 'broke' my back was a long episode of sciatica pain. This severe pain became a journey of patience and discovery. It became a wake up call into something bigger! I had the conviction that I can fix this pain as long as I trust myself and I refused the surgery option. In 6 months, I had a breakthrough into the cause of my pain.  I figured out the events, the emotional holding pattern and the cause of my pain. In other words, I had discovered BodyTalk in my own body!


If you want to uncover the story behind your pain, get clarity of direction and stand in your power, try a session.

Testimonial: "I am always amazed at what Indu can discern is happening in my body from what she picks up from my mind. It’s a bit spooky, actually, but in a good way. And both my mind and body thank her. "Dianne M. from California

Proud to say that my story is part of the the international best selling book: 'Break free to stand in your power,"


For individuals and corporate clients

  • Individual BodyTalk session for physical and emotional health

  • Career and life coaching sessions

  • Mindfulness lasses to sleep better, de-stress and to be a leader at work

  • Use of essential oils as a healing tool

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National Best Seller


 "Break Free to Stand in Your Power"


Available now.

Unblock your energy, unlock your potential today

You deserve to live a full life,let me help you!

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