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BodyTalk session, $99

Are you looking for 'something' more than western medicine?

Do you want to get to the root cause rather than a fix for your symptoms? Give yourself hope with a BodyTalk session. It is easy, works remote and can be magical!

Mindful life

I teach practical Mindfulness classes to corporate and individuals to address work stress & emotional issues

Coaching session, $99

1/1 or group coaching on

-Anxiety, panic attacks

-Chronic pain


-Work stress

Free Introduction

If you want to complement your life with energy medicine and not sure where to start, set up a 30 min session.

A group demo session also available

Sleep to heal & other classes (price varies)

You can take live or pre-recorded classes that can improve your health, make you resilient and energize you forever 

Essential Oils, $44

30 min consultation on how to use oils in daily life headaches, to sleep better and to boost overall energy

Your body is talking, trainyourmind2listen!

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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